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Add Watermark Quickly and Easily

CocoDoc offers a simple interface. You can add a watermark to the PDF documents within a few seconds. It will only take just a few clicks to get the job done.

Highly Customised Design

The tool offers you to customize the watermark in various styles or fonts. You can create any unique design for the image or change the text format as well. It enables you to adjust the Watermark's opacity and place it wherever you like on the PDF.

Work Completely Online

CocoDoc is a web-based platform, which means there is no software installation required. Simply upload the file to the interface and customize watermark before downloading it back to your device.

Works on All Devices and Platforms

CocoDoc works on the browsers of all devices and platforms, no matter a computer or smartphone. You can import PDF files from Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS to the interface online and design the watermark.

Ensuring Your Data Safety

CocoDoc offers premium security measures to protect user data. It establishes a secure connection when you upload the PDF document to customize the watermark. Moreover, the platform removed the files from the servers within one hour after customization to maintain a data safety mechanism.

Minimize Storage

You can minimize your system's storage by directly uploading content to CocoDoc from cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can also add water to PDF by importing the document from the source URL.

How to Add Watermark to PDF?

Follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to add watermark to PDF:

  • Click on the Choose File button to upload the PDF file. You can drag/drop or import it straight from your cloud accounts.
  • Using the toolbar, add watermark to PDF. You can customize text and images as well.
  • Click on Download to save the watermarked PDF file to your device.


Can I watermark my PDF file without losing data?

Yes, you can easily watermark your PDF file without losing data using CocoDoc PDF watermark creator.

Can I Insert text or image watermark into PDF online?

Yes, with CocoDoc, you can both insert text or image into the PDF file online. It also offers you to manage the opacity and position of the watermark before you download it.

Can I customize PDF Watermarks?

Yes, you can make the PDF watermarks unique by selecting the highly customized designs available on CocoDoc.

What operating systems are supported by this tool?

CocoDoc is an online tool to customize PDF watermarks without asking you to install any software on the system. It also means that CocoDoc supports all operating systems and devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, as long as you have a modern-day web browser installed on the platforms.

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